Welcome to North Bay Private Medicine

Dr. Radha Lewis offers comprehensive one-on-one healthcare as a Concierge Medicine practitioner. North Bay Private Medicine affords premium medical care with a unique quality of personal connection in unhurried visits that focuses attention on patient needs. This model is available to concierge members seeking individualized care for adults and teenage patients. 

Dr. Radha Lewis

Dr. Radha Lewis is a top-ranked Bay Area concierge physician who practices with a highly personalized approach to medicine. She offers well-rounded, compassionate and collaborative care to adults and teenage patients. A board-certified family physician Dr. Lewis brings nearly 20 years of experience to treating patients. Over the course of her practice Dr. Lewis has cultivated an extensive list of thoughtful partnerships with medical specialists and alternative health professionals across San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Our Goal

By limiting patient volume, we are able to provide comprehensive care with careful attention to your health. The Concierge treatment model puts emphasis on the development of individualized treatment plans focused on the patient as a whole, rather than specific diseases and conditions. Priority is placed on long term wellness goals with appropriate plans to help you attain them.