Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Personalized care from a physician who knows you well, understands your communication style, listens carefully and responds to your concerns.
  • Quality time at unhurried visits with focused attention on your needs. Dr. Lewis keeps a careful eye on you, not the clock. The average appointment time is 30-60 minutes.
  • An extensive and comprehensive annual evaluation and health analysis lasting 1.5-2 hours.
  • Same day and next-day appointments.
  • Daily availability for telehealth or telephone visits that work with your busy schedule.
  • Direct after-hours access to Dr. Lewis by cell phone for urgent needs.
  • Personal communication with trusted specialists to ensure that all aspects of your care are coordinated and efficient.
  • Access to experienced billing specialists to address and manage any questions or issues related to insurance coverage or claims. 


North Bay Private Medicine operates on a subscription and/or fee-for-service model. We are out of network but offer complimentary claims submissions to your insurance company. Most of our members have PPO insurance and receive partial reimbursement for services provided through our practice such as visit fees, blood draws and office procedures. Labs and imaging studies will be billed directly to insurance by the laboratory or imaging center. Visits with specialists will be covered according to the policies of the individual doctor.

If you are a patient on our Comprehensive Plan, you will pay a flat annual fee for membership with no additional visit fees. All charges generated by in-person or telehealth visits, including medications, office procedures and blood draws, will be submitted to the insurance company on your behalf. You will receive reimbursement directly from the insurance company by mail.

If you are a patient on our Traditional Plan, you will pay a lower flat annual fee for membership, with additional fee-for-service charges for in-person or telehealth visits. All charges will then be submitted to the insurance company on your behalf and you will receive reimbursement directly from the insurance company by mail.

The amount of the direct-to-patient reimbursement will depend on your health plan’s out-of-network coverage, usually 40-80%. Other charges, such as those generated by imaging or bloodwork, will be billed directly by the imaging center or laboratory.

Please note: Dr. Lewis is “opted out” of Medicare and Medi-Cal plans; you are unable to seek reimbursement from these plans.

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