Your Questions Answered

What is included in my membership at North Bay Private Medicine?

Membership includes an extensive one-of-a-kind annual executive-level physical. Dr. Lewis will spend an average of 2 hours getting to know you and carefully reviewing your personal and family medical history and your background. She reviews all records of specialist care and may even contact any specialists you are working with to discuss your medical conditions.

As a patient with Dr. Lewis, you will have unlimited physician access by phone and email. Appointments are available either same-day or next-day and you will have as much time as you need during a visit. Dr. Lewis will personally coordinate your care with any specialists that you see, and she will take as much time as you need to help you understand the full picture of your health and all of the available treatment options.

How many patients does Dr. Lewis have?

Dr. Lewis has a limit of 150 patients in her practice at any one time.

Does Dr. Lewis make house calls?

Dr. Lewis will make house calls in San Francisco and Marin when her schedule allows. Depending on the type of membership, there may be additional fees for care provided outside the office.

Will Dr. Lewis see me if I am in the hospital?

If you are hospitalized in Marin County, Dr. Lewis will communicate directly with all physicians and specialists involved in your care. She will be there to provide information on your medical history, current active issues, and any recent medications changes. She will coordinate care between specialists if needed and will ensure clear communication and regular updates for family members.

Dr. Lewis will come to the hospital to visit with her patient in person whenever possible.

How is North Bay Private Medicine different from other concierge practices?

As a doctor I take my work very personally, and seriously. I keep patients’ privacy as an absolute priority. I care deeply about each of my patients as if they were a family member or friend, and I think about each patient often. I feel privileged to be here for the unique opportunity of connection and healing that being a family doctor creates.

North Bay Private Medicine

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Dr. Radha Lewis is a top-ranked Bay Area concierge physician who offers a highly personalized approach to medicine.

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