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Job Summary

North Bay Private Medicine offers a considerate and healing work environment. Your direct supervisor focuses on direct and thoughtful health care in a concierge model which allows for adequate time and attention for both patients and healthcare related tasks. The work of this position is of critical importance to both the primary physician and the patients.

The Office Manager serves as both RN, and front office manager which encompasses direct patient care, healthcare administration, medical record management, and phlebotomy. They may also perform a variety of support duties including reception, scheduling, and management of medical supplies and inventory. As the sole employee of North Bay Private Medicine, a concierge medical practice, they’re responsible for ensuring excellent customer service to each patient.  If any issue arises, they work closely with outside services such as billing, bookkeeping, Practice Consultant and/or IT to resolve the issue. Under the direction of a physician, they perform a variety of duties in connection with the examination and treatment of patients in the office.

Specific RN Duties:

  • Triages patient calls and text messages.
  • Oversees and manages the electronic medical charts for currently 175-200 patients.
  • Reviews routine and nonroutine test results. Communicates test results to patients and answers questions/schedules appropriate follow-up per office policy.
  • Patient check-in: May interview patients to obtain their medical history. May record patient vital signs.
  • Prepares and cleans treatment rooms for patient examinations.
  • Faxes over referrals, lab results and imaging to referring physicians.
  • Administers vaccinations and IV therapy as needed.
  • Runs office-based CLIA-waived testing such as COVID, Influenza, Strep, Urinalysis. Collects blood and urine samples and prepares them for laboratory testing. Cleans and sterilizes medical equipment and instruments. Serves as main contact for laboratories for any specimen processing issue.
  • Purchases medications, vaccines, and medical supplies for office use.
  • Properly disposes of contaminated supplies.

Office Management: Essentially ensures the smooth running of an office on a day-to-day basis. Responsibilities typically include:

  • Reception management including answering phones, scheduling appointments, and assisting in the enrollment of new patients.
  • Manages the ordering of office and medical supplies.
  • Deals with correspondence and queries by phone, email, or text from patients, potential patients, referring physicians and vendors.
  • Implements and maintains administrative and financial procedures. Works with billing management company to maintain accuracy of patient data and charges.
  • Onboards new employees.
  • Uses a range of software packages.
    • Elation EMR, Spruce, Hint, Kareo, Word, Excel, E-Mail and ordering systems.
  • Maintains regulatory compliance with business licenses, CLIA Waivers, and other timed permits.

Job Qualifications

  • Education: RN/LVN.
  • Licenses/Certifications: BCLS (or ACLS) Active California RN License.
  • Five years’ experience in healthcare is preferred.
  • Three years of training or leadership experience is preferred.
  • One year experience as an office manager preferred.


  • Self-Directed
    • Ability to plan, organize and follow through on own initiative to ‘make things happen.’
    • Highly organized. Problem-solver. Attention to detail.
    • Excellent time management and ability to multi-task.
  • Communication:
    • Independent, critical thinker, communicator, relationship builder and negotiator.
    • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and listen effectively.
    • Reliability, discretion, and integrity related to patient privacy and HIPPAA compliance.
  • Clinical:
    • Understanding of disease pathology for a variety of illnesses to facilitate effective probing of patient history and symptoms.
    • IV and injection skills
    • Medication administration and proper storage of supplies
    • Skilled in dealing with complex patient interactions with compassion and forethought.
  • Technical/Functional
    • Some understanding of the concierge model preferred.
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word/Outlook (either Apple or PC) Excel knowledge preferred.
    • Some information system skills are required in partnership with IT managing team

Work Environment:

  • Concierge Physician Practice with reception area, one exam room, office.

 Physical Demands:

 Works on Apple Computer and uses telephone/cell phone, printer/fax.

  • Intermittent physical mobility/activity including walking, standing, sitting, light lifting, (supply deliveries, assisting patients, moving carts or light equipment)
  • Must be able to bend body downward at the waist; be able to kneel.

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